LEVCON Series Level Control Switches


Albany LEVCON series level switches are typically used for providing signals for pump or valve operation and high and low alarm signals. A typical application may be a tank filling process requiring a low alarm, pump on, pump off and high alarm liquid level sensing.

Albany LEVCON’s are manufactured using best practice manufacturing techniques and quality components insuring a high quality reliable sensor.

All Floats are 316 Stainless Steel. All housings are Nema 4X, Explosion Proof,Class I, Div 1, Group C & D, with 20 Watt, SPST Switch(250 V & 500mA max) and 24″ Wire, 22Ga PTFE.

Many options are available with our Multi Level Float Switch design including a short float that enables independent float switch positions to be only 1” apart. This is especially beneficial for applications where precision control signals are needed in a shallow tank.