The ALBANY APA Series Remote Fill Monitor is a Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada listed Overfill Protection Device under ULC/ORD-S661 and is designed to provide an audio/visual warning when the liquid in a storage tank reaches a preset high level.

The monitor requires the use of Albany Series LEVCON Float Switch installed in the tank. The float switch should be set alarm when the tank is filled to maximum 90% capacity, which is the common regulatory requirement for using Alarm Systems for fill limiting purposes in Canada.

  • Basic assembly includes Stainless Steel Inner Panel with Heater, Alarm Horn; Test-Silence Selector
  • Switch; 90% High Level Tank Full Alarm with audible and visual alarm; Includes NEMA/CSA 4X Fiberglass
  • Deadfront Grey Enclosure with Padlockable Snap Latch



  • Additional High Level Alarms (95%, 85%, etc.)
  • Leak Alarms
  • Continuous Tank Level Monitoring and Display
  • Provision to connect Control Valve
  • Provision for Multiple Tank Monitoring
  • Pump Control for Truck Offload

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