Albany Pump has been manufacturing Gear Pumps since 1906.

The G & H Series Pumps are adaptable to a wide range of services including pressure lubrication, hydraulic systems, fuel oil supply, and the general transfer of any clean liquid.

The pump units are designed for operation at motor speeds up to 1800 RPM, or can be driven through gear or V-Belt reductions. The come in close coupled arrangement, or base mounted, and are suitable to operate in any position.

Albany Gear Pumps are an extremely efficient type of positive displacement pump because the inherent design advantages of their Helical Gears and internal bearings produce maximum performance over the widest range of applications.

The Albany G & H Series pumps offer a unique combination of balanced design, quality of construction, and economy of original purchase.

So, whether your design calls for an external gear pump, pedestal mount, clutch driven, motor mount or stainless steel gear pump, you can rest assured that our family of gear pumps is as diverse as the applications in which they’ve been used – for more than 100 years.